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A leaked online video of Galaxy Note 7 in action

A leaked video has been posted online which shows the Galaxy Note 7 in action during testing for Olixar, an accessory maker for mobile devices.

The video shows off the Galaxy Note 7 in all its glory with a 5.7-inch display dual-edge curves which is a first for any Galaxy Note. The dual-edge display of this smartphone wraps around the edges very nicely and giving a  unique feel, unlike any previous Galaxy Note. The video was recorded when it was being tested for Olixar’s Curved Glass Screen Protector, from the looks of it the protector works very well with this dual-edge curved display.
Leaked renders have also shown us a Blue Coral color of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with is a nice addition as to the alternative of the conventional silver, gold and black color options and the new modules on the top of the front panel suggest that it may very well come with an iris scanner which will be the first for any Samsung smartphone.
Corel blue Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Samsung is due to unveil the Galaxy Note 7 on August 2 and is reportedly going to do this in order to take advantage of the stellar performance of its Galaxy S7 series, and to market its latest flagship at the 2016 Rio Olympics where Samsung is going to have a major presence as it’s a big sponsor.


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