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Upgrade to the Nougat

We  are happy to announce the official upgrade schedule of the different Infinix smartphones that will receive the Android Nougat update.

Here is the schedule

Infinix Zero 4
From Marshmallow to Nougat:  End of April

Infinix Note 3
From Marshmallow to Nougat:  End of April

Infinix Zero 4 Plus
Android Nougat Beta 1: 25th of May
Android Nougat Beta 2: 15th of June
Android Nougat Final: 15th of July

Infinix Hot S
Updating soon

Infinix Hot 4 Pro
Android Nougat Beta 1: 30th of April
Android Nougat Beta 2: 20th of May
Android Nougat Final: 5th of June

Infinix Hot 4
Android Nougat Beta 1: 30th of May
Android Nougat Beta 2: 20th of June
Android Nougat Final: 20th of July

Best Wishes
Infinix RD team
The future is now


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